There are lots of web browsers available for Android mobile devices. Google Chrome is one the web browser for Android, which comes as inbuilt in the device. But Chrome is a heavy weight browser, which is powerful but eats up the device’s RAM and slow downs. So for easily opening up URLs quickly we need light weight browser.


Here is the UC Browser Mini,

Light Weight Web Browser for Android

UC Mini is the light version of UC Mobile Browser. It is very advanced and has lots of necessary features. If you are looking for small size Android web browser application apk then this is the right one.

UC Mini is the simplest and light weighted android application which supports lots of advanced functionalities.

Special Features of UC Mini

  • Tiny App Size

UC Mini Android App is having very low size.

  • Multiple Tabs

Multiple web pages can be loaded and browsed simultaneously.

  • Incognito Window

Browse anonymously, without saving web history and user data.

  • QR Code

UC Mini has the QR code scanner, which can be used to scan the QR codes and decode web page on it.

  • Advanced File Downloader – Cloud Support

Very efficient file downloader with better download option like cloud downloads etc. Users can store files to the temporary cloud storage or permanent U-DISK cloud storage. Later download files with better speed from the cloud provided by UC.

  • Night Mode

Browse web during the night without harming your eyes.

  • Data Saver

Advanced data saving options are available. UC mini helps to load web pages more efficiently by saving the data.

  • FB Notification

Get real-time facebook notification alerts from UC browser.

  • Lots of Quick Links


Download UC Mini from PlayStore

You can enjoy faster internet browsing using the UC Mini light weight mobile browser. It is very cool and efficient, it won’t hang your smartphone. It is having tiny size.



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