Edubuntu is an Operating system used classrooms of schools, home, and other communities. Kerala government schools use this version of Ubuntu in the schools. This is managed by the [email protected]

Edubuntu by [email protected] comes with preloaded educational software based on the school syllabus.

The Edubuntu OS used in the Kerala State Government schools can be downloaded from the [email protected] website.

Download [email protected] Ubuntu OS

Download Edubuntu 18.04 :

How to Install Edubuntu

  1. Firstly download the OS Image file (IT_School_GNU-Linux_18041-64bit_3.iso) .iso is a bootable CD image file
  2. This file can be written to a CD or booted to USB/Pendrive
  3. For step 2 you can refer youtube videos on how to boot and install Ubuntu OS from the USB drive or CD



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