Reduce Video Size for Sharing on WhatsApp Web

How to compress the exported video for easy sharing on WhatsApp. Reduce the size of the video up to 50% without losing the quality and make it comfortable to share on WhatsApp chat. Reduce video size for uploading WhatsApp status without quality loss.

You may have faced situations after exporting a video, unable to share on WhatsApp web due to size limit. Here is a wonderful solution to this. You can reduce the size of the edited videos to almost half size.

My Personal Experience – WhatsApp Video Compression

During one of my freelance works recently, I had a situation where the client asked me to send a video via WhatsApp. It was a 60-second short video / Instagram reel video work. And I have exported the edited file at a Medium bit rate to reduce size.

Still, the file size was around 25MB so failed to send it over WhatsApp web. Which had a size limit of 15 MB. So I looked for a solution and found this amazing video compression site mentioned below. It reduced the 25 MB to 13 MB so I could successfully send over WhatsApp.

And my client was happy that he could make the video as WhatsApp status. It was his business-related promo video.

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Compress Videos to half size

Here is an amazing website that helps to compress our videos. So we can attain reduced video size without losing much quality.

You can go to this free conversion website, upload your video and get it converted.

Example Conversion:

Video conversion reduced 44% size

So using the above-mentioned site you can reduce the size of videos to share on WhatsApp. This is very helpful video compression for WhatsApp statuses, chat messages, etc.

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