Best Online Course Creation and Selling Platforms

Teach online and make money is one of the most trending ways of earning money. Everyone is trying to learn something online, so the demand for online courses are great….

All about Zuckerberg's AI - Jarvis, functionalities of personal assistant jarvis features specifications, how to build jarvis technologies used, coding languages used to build, features of Jarvis AI personal assistant

Mark Zuckerberg’s AI – Personal Assistant – Jarvis – Home Automation

Mark Zuckerberg recently disclosed his self-challenge of the year. He released a note on his challenge which is an Artificial Intelligence project. So far he has built a personal assistant…

technology in LG Mosquito Away TV price specifications features

LG Mosquito Away TV -Television with Mosquito Repel feature

LG India launched the brand new TV series which is capable of driving the mosquitos away. The new TV series is named as LG Mosquito Away TV. It is developed as…