Moto E4 Plus is the smartphone launched by Motorola at the price range 10k. The device is exclusively available through Flipkart for Rs.9999. E4 plus is having very good specifications for this price.

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Moto E4 Plus has a lot of advantages and is very much worth for the price of Rs.9999. The devices come with a lot of attractive features and specifications.

 Advantages/ Pros of Moto E4 Plus

Moto E4 Plus has a lot of advantages like it comes with a massive battery which can run device up to 2 days.  The battery is of 5000mAh.

The device has a fingerprint sensor for supporting fingerprint locks.

It is powered by 3 GB RAM. Which enables heavy multitasking.

The storage of E4 plus is 32 GB and expandable upto 256 GB. This is a good storage capacity for this price.

Also, the device has the latest Android operating system. The OS of Moto E plus is Android Nougat 7.1.1

The sound system of this phone is excellent. The sound system is Dolby Atmos.

Advantages of the camera are that it has front and rear flash. The front camera is 5 Mega Pixel and rear camera is 13 MegaPixel.

 Disadvantages/ Cons of Moto E4 Plus

One of the major disadvantages of Moto E4 Plus is the processor. The processor is only quad core and is of Mediatek.

The processor is 1.3 GHz quad core Mediatek.

This is the only disadvantage. Rest of the features are very good. And the device is very worthy for the price.

Overall review of Moto E4 Plus

Moto E4 Plus is very worthy for the price. The device has best specifications. All specs are very satisfying. The processor disadvantage may be a problem only for the heavy smartphone users.

For all common users, this will be an affordable and the best buy. The device has very best battery capacity. So no worries about the battery backup

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Advantages and disadvantages of Moto E4 plus – negatives – lacking features – positive e4 plus features – problems – negative reviews – moto e4 plus – good features – comparison – competitors Moto E4 Plus -new features – good qualities of moto e plus positives