How to Preview or Stream Torrent Videos, Movies

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Most internet users make use of torrents for downloading and watching their favourite media files. Videos, movies, musics are available in torrents for downloading. The quality and integrity of the contents may vary. There are lots of duplicate and fake files in torrents. Also many available are low quality copies. Stream torrent videos may help users to validate the torrent movie’s quality.

Torrents provide screenshots for the users which may or may not be fake.  And they don’t provide the feature of previewing the video or audio file. So users face problem verifying the quality of content before downloading. There is no streaming option to directly watch the torrent movies or videos.
Hence the videos can’t be watched without downloading.For these problems here is a solution.

Stream torrent videos , Movies

Seedr is a website which helps to download torrent files faster.  Also it provides various features like video streaming solution,file exploring etc.
Seedr does this by quickly copying the torrent files to their cloud servers quicky within seconds. And allowing us to download the torrents later at any time with the best speed.

How to use seedr?

  • First go to
  • Create a free account & Login
  • Copy and paste torrent file link or page link

Seedr automatically detects the torrent contents and provide option to copy to your seedr cloud.
Now you can find the copied torrent contents in your seedr cloud space.

Also you can upload the torrent file to copy it to your seedr account’s cloud space.

  • Explore through the torrent content files and play the media files

You can directly download the files too without waiting for the torrent file seeders.
Seedr free account provides a cloud space of 2GB. If you need more cloud storage space you can upgrade your account to premium.

Seedr provides an easier solution for faster torrent downloads. It helps to copy torrent files to the cloudstorage space. And the download can be done using internet download manager or such direct downloader apps.


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