How to take photo of full webpage

Have you ever wondered how you can take the photo of a full web page? while you can see only few parts of website limited by your screen’s viewport. Then here is how you can easily capture the whole webpage with a single click.

Usually, we take photos of the screen by snip tools or using print screen key. But this has a limitation that it can only copy few limited area images. So usually what people do is capture parts of the webpage and join it using some photo editing tools. This seems to be a hectic task.

How to capture whole webpage

You can easily capture a whole webpage using some only tools available. But more easier is using a Chrome browser extension.

Full Page Screen Capture – Chrome Extension

Full page screen capture is a simple Chrome browser extenstion. This help us to easily capture the whole webpage. And the best part is it does this in a single click, no need of entering url etc. 

  • Install extention from Chrome Store
  • Open you webpage to be captured
  • Click on the extention icon – It will start capturing
  • You will get the captured webpage photo

Webpage screen shots can be downloaded in PDF and PNG formats.

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About the Author: Sreeraj Melath